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The dim lighting, swanky furnishings, and live jazz set the right ambience, and you can have a cheapish night out here: there’s no cover charge and none of the food options, which include a patty melt and pork-and-shrimp lumpia, cost more than .The cocktails are pricier at (with a 20% gratuity tacked on), but they don’t disappoint.Put art history aside for a moment and allow yourselves a Valentine’s titter. Wander on through the South Asia galleries until you reach a room with some paintings to your left.Imagine yourselves as a prince and his consort enjoying the fireworks, real or metaphorical. Head back to the glass elevator and descend to the first floor.

New Williamsburg favorite Sunday in Brooklyn, where — despite what the name would have one believe — they’re plating up their fresh take on new American seven nights a week. You could throw a rock from Brooklyn Bowl’s front door and hit new hotel hot spot the William Vale, home of rooftop cocktail den Westlight, the best possible place for a killer nightcap with a view worthy of closing out a hero’s date. are known for turning up the amperage on southern-fried, ax-driven rock ’n’ roll.Probably not going to inspire you to stay up late canoodling.Having the fewest outside concerns on your mind and not having to worry about an end time fast approaching will let your lovey-dovey energy flow more freely. A favorite restaurant followed by a movie in a nearby town you don't know too well. Museums are for Culture and Art and Learning.” Well, allow us to challenge your preconceptions with this self-guided tour for lovers. When you come to the museum, you probably head straight for the escalator, right? You know, roses, chocolates, dinner somewhere “romantic” where everyone else is trying to be “romantic” too. Oh, I know what you’re thinking: “Museums aren’t romantic.