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Technology can be an amazing asset, and she’ll teach you how to use it correctly.

Social Clout: 12,140 Twitter followers; 1,430 Facebook likes Twitter Handle: @e Flirt Expert Bragging Rights: featured in Cosmopolitan and Maxim The thought Edwards has with The Professional Wingman is it is more than a company – it’s a lifestyle.

He needs to get into the present moment, a playful state, a timeless state.

That’s what happens when people flirt, they actually leave the confines of their minds.

People who are prepared are more likely to take that action.They stop worrying about the future and dwelling on the past.They feel light and easy in that moment, and this makes them want to be around the other person more. It can start as an external thing like “I like you’re style or even simpler I like something specific your wearing ( hat, shoes, bracelet, etc.) and move into more personality based compliments as simple as “you’re cool” or “you’re fun” or even deeper compliments about someone nature or essence. When delivered in the moment and in person with true sincerity it almost always lands.Verbal signals: at one point in every conversation we must be clear and direct in order to further the relationship beyond this moment. The short answer is just tell people what you think is nice about them and don’t expect anything in return. Direct eye contact and smiling will let a man feel its safe to approach.It’s important not to be to imposing when first approaching women. Also, relaxing around him and not giving signals like she is going to walk away or she’s in a hurry.