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Firstly, ancient Jewish writers will be considered that especially mention chronology concerning the Exodus.

Meyers Introduction Chapter 1- Ancient Writers Jewish Writers Secular Greek Writers Early Church Fathers Chapter 2 Old Testament Writers New Testament Writers Chapter 3 Archaeological Evidence Conclusions Works Cited This book is a result of my dissertation entitled "The Date of the Exodus in Ancient Writings." The first chapter deals with three major groups of ancient writers.

Nothing says Ayshet Chayil like her ability to lovingly prepare a Seder plate. Don't think this means Jewish women are controlling.

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Moreover, through our work with teens and college students, we know that the younger generation is often uninformed or misinformed about Israel and issues related to Judaism.All Jewish Religious affiliations are welcomed and respected.The recent Pew Study found that only 28 percent of American Jews felt that being part of a Jewish community is essential to their Jewish identity.The purpose of this paper is to show that most of the ancient writers equated the Exodus with the expulsion of the Hyksos from Egypt around 1570-50 BC Most ancient writers put the Jews in Egypt for 215 years or less.All took the 400 or 430 years to cover the time in Egypt and Canaan.