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was expected to clock in at anywhere between 100 and 120 chapters.Unfortunately, the dude only managed to finish 24 tales before he suffered an insurmountable and permanent state of writer's block commonly known as death."A Fandom's worst nightmare: A creator dies before completing their work, leaving it orphaned.If readers are lucky, the author had enough warning or foresight to keep notes on their plans for the rest of the series or at least fill someone else in on the most relevant plot points, so that their work can be continued by another author, or possibly even several.This may result in the series Jumping the Shark if the replacement isn't very good, but at least you have closure.

The season four finale last October drew less than 2.5 million viewers, about a third of the eyeballs that tune in for an average episode of cable’s top series, TNT’s “Rizzoli and Isles.” Despite the modest numbers, AMC and creator Matthew Weiner have agreed to at least two more seasons. “Mad Men” is a valuable asset for the net because the show is popular among upscale auds, an attractive target for big-ticket advertisers such as BMW and Chase financial services, says Greg Kahn, an exec VP for Optimedia, a New York-based media company that specializes in marketing strategies.

It’s also the platform that established the network’s brand: High-end grown-up fare.

The Jon Hamm-starrer helped set the stage for “Breaking Bad,” a consistent winner at the Emmys, and “The Walking Dead,” which became a top 10 cable hit in its first season.

Since 2013 she is the host of Nerdist News and Nerdist News Talks Back for Nerdist Industries.

In 2014 she launched her own podcast titled Bizarre States.