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Bardem came to notice in a small role in his first major motion picture, The Ages of Lulu, when he was 20, in which he appeared along with his mother, Pilar Bardem.

Bigas Luna, the director of Lulu, was sufficiently impressed to give him the leading male role in his next film, Jamón Jamón in 1992, in which Bardem played a would-be underwear model and bullfighter.

The film, which also starred a teenaged Penélope Cruz, was a major international success.

We hear it all the time: guys want us to take the lead.

And, collegiettes, don’t count choosing whether he buys Lime or Fruit Punch Gatorade as the end of your ring leader role. Whether it’s your first date with a new guy, or your weekly Tuesday dinner, take it up a notch and make the plans.

Even if you already do the choosing, you still want him to enjoy the date, right? We’re here to help get those creative juices flowing!

He was signed by Naughty by Nature's Kaygee to Divine Mill Records in 2000, and released his debut album Ghetto Love in 2001.

Jaheim Hoagland is an American R&B singer and former rapper, better known by his stage name of Jaheim.

He received his third Academy Award nomination, and second Best Actor nomination, for the film Biutiful. It's a matter of control."After 15 years," said Jaheim, born Jaheim Hoagland, "you see what the people want versus what the business wants and you really get to see who's in control. I have the right connex and the people to put me in the right position. The business will do things to destroy your business, but that's every business."I'm not afraid of it at this point because I've been doing it for over 15 years.Jaheim also will over see a new label, Julia's Dream, named after his mom, Julia Hoagland, who died in 1995 of spinal-chord meningitis when she was 33."I did my homework before I did this deal," said Jaheim, who lives in Hillsborough."This is the first real contract that I've had since I started and it's where it should be.