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Jay Z, a rap icon, philanthropist and entrepreneur, came to prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s with the albums .

Apart from his music career, Jay Z has established himself as a savvy businessman across several industries, including clothing lines, real estate, sports teams, record labels, beverages and more.

À travers l'Europe, il prend la première place en Danemark, en Allemagne, en Irlande, et en Suisse et le top cinq en Autriche, en Belgique, en Finlande, en Grèce, en Norvège, en Suède, aux Pays-Bas, et au Royaume-Uni.

La vidéo est tournée dans un camp d'entraînement hip-hop de fiction connu sous le nom de Shady/Aftermath Artist Development Center.

The company grew in the early 2000s, with Jay Z as the label’s major image.

Following years of rumors of friction and feuds, it was revealed in 2004 that Jay Z was named president and CEO of Def Jam Records.

The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson III, did not hesitate to name her hip-hop mogul hubby Jay-Z, a longtime frenemy, when host Andy Cohen asked him on his Bravo show on Wednesday, June 18, "Who is the most overrated hip-hop star of all time? I mean, Jay Z," 50 Cent replied, during the candid "Plead the Fifth" Q&A segment. Rather be overrated than underpaid."Jay Z, who is, estimated to be worth 0 million, according to Forbes, and Queen Bey have not responded to the rapper's remarks.50 Cent, worth about 0 million, according to Forbes, had reportedly once incurred Beyoncé's wrath at a celebrity-packed New Year's Eve party in Las Vegas. News earlier this month that she had confronted him after spotting him with her husband, seemingly wary about their interaction."I don't think she understands that our energy is, like, it's not negative," he said. Because I saw that, I know that it'd be almost impossible for someone to do something to him and her not respond to it.""What is it like to be yelled at in the face by Beyoncé? After three seconds, the rapper replied, "It's not really bad.‘I felt I deserved best new artist for my first album. West has since sheepishly back-pedalled on the incident, insisting he was ‘mis-worded’.It’s the largest debut in rap with 13million records sold. ‘When I said “respect artistry”, it came off the wrong way, and that was a mis-wording on my part because Beck is one of the most respected artists,’ he said.After Beck won album of the year at the awards ceremony on Sunday, West claimed that he should have given his gong to Beyoncé.But, according to Fiddy, Beck wrote and produced his own hits on Morning Phase, while Bey needed plenty of help on her self-titled album.