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The quality and performance of the software is not warranted for the applicability of any users.

Please note that in the past some feature upgrades have been offered which involve upgrading some parts within the Denon unit. The serial number is normally found on the back panel near the model number placard.

Such upgrades must be performed by Denon factory service. Attempts to use them in similar model products built for other countries may render the product inoperable or may affect features so that they no longer work properly. In some cases due to space limitations on smaller units, the model number and serial number placard that would normally be on the back panel might be found on the bottom or the side of the unit.

() Following features for model group D are improved : 1. () Following features for model group D are available : 1.

Supporting new features of KENWOOD Music Editor Ver2.1.0.

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These updates include a number of enhancements to the features and functions of the transmitters, most notably the use of the TM-14 FASST transmitter module and various FASST receivers. To create a local copy of the Trimble Installation Manager (Offline) you will need the serial number of all devices that you plan to update.Using the Trimble Installation Manager to update your device Connect your device to the computer or Tablet running the Trimble Installation Manager software.Two versions of the Trimble Installation Manager are available: Trimble Installation Manager (Offline) The functionality provided in the offline version of the Trimble Installation Manager is the same as the online version, except that the offline version enables you to download and save copies of the Trimble Access software or Trimble receiver firmware files so that you can update the device at a later date, when you may not have an Internet connection.You must have a working Internet connection to download the Trimble Installation Manager offline version the first time, and whenever you download files required to update your device.