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A person's ability to randomly disappear from our lives without a word is an act that's become far too familiar for perpetual daters.

These so-called magicians come into our lives and vanish without a courtesy call or a hint that your little “relationship” is over. The act of “ghost-dating” is insulting to our intelligence as smart, single people of the world.

The emotional heft came from Sherlock being drawn further into human relationships than this “high-functioning sociopath” ever intended.

Major Sholto and Jonathan Small - Conan Doyle characters in name only - were given a less lurid backstory than their counterparts though the method of attempted murder (undetectable delayed-action stabbing) was as far-fetched as anything involving pygmy sidekicks and poison darts.

Unlikely murders and locked room mysteries are of course the meat and drink of Sherlock Holmes stories. Pretty as the wedding venue was, we spent more time inside Sherlock’s mind than anywhere else, a place where - surprisingly given their outward frostiness to one another - brother Mycroft holds court.) as the ghost-dating client was a nice surprise, as was a brief appearance from Lara Pulver in her battle dress.

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