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Money lesson: Excessive blow drying may damage brain cells.

Song: "The Power of Love" Artist: Huey Lewis and the News Why it's worthy: This horn-heavy riff on the money-can't-buy-love theme, written by affable bar-band veteran Huey Lewis for the hit Michael J.

Unfortunately, the catchy refrain, "You can have my credit card, baby/But keep your red-hot fingers off my heart, lady" doesn't exactly make fiscal sense.

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The second 1% cash back is earned as you pay for those purchases, bringing the total to 2% cash back on everything you buy.

This card tends to be a better fit for those who pay their balance in full each month.

After all, the generic term is downright clumsy in verse compared to the rhyming possibilities of money and gold.

That said, plastic is gaining play in popular music. Here are 13 best songs (including one two-for-one selection) that do feature credit cards in the narrative.

Get free sex in jamaica without credit card