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You'll find sex ads of locals looking for quick sex, a friendly chat and everything in between.So are opportunities for practical and convenient ones. This is not to suggest that these relationships—variously labelled ‘friends with benefits’ or ‘fuck buddies’ or ‘liberated friends’ or ‘office spouses’—are modern creations.As pretensions of tradition are blown away by new work environments, tools of communication and the changing role of women, there is a lot more experimentation with relationships that don’t fit into traditional notions of friendship or love. Only, that they have become more available and acceptable now.Social networking sites, where most of the world now meets, reflect this.On , ‘complicated’ is as valid a description of relationship status as ‘single’ or ‘committed’ or ‘married.’ Though relationship troubles are as old as the hills, the idea of a ‘complicated’ relationship status being recognised as a lifestyle choice is a bit of a novelty.