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While parents give their teens the freedom to explore their own interests and make their own mistakes, it’s incredibly nerve-wracking to send your teenager out into the world.Even if it’s just an overnight stay at a friend’s house.Ask any parent with a teenager, and they’ll tell you that parenting teens today is tough.Teens have more freedom at an earlier age nowadays.I would argue that it is not your job to make sure your mother isn’t lonely.Studying on-campus, going out with friends, and generally being out of the house are entirely normal behaviors for a college senior, and you’re not neglecting your mother or in any way causing her loneliness by trying to build a life of your own.Mom’s a single parent and does everything she can to keep us close so that she’s not lonely (this includes asking us to sleep in her bed for weeks at a time, and it’s been this way for years).

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Dr Watts said: It's pretty much guaranteed parents will think their child is spending too much time online or on smartphones.

The key thing is to talk to other parents at the school gates, or similar, to find out if a child is more preoccupied than their mates.'If there is a real difference, you need to speak to your child not just about cybersafety, but about what is so preoccupying, what might be addictive within it, and what this addiction might help them avoid in the real world' More than half of parents worry about their children's use of technology.

A third of children, stock image pictured, check their phone for messages several times an hour, while almost two thirds use their devices in bed.

Dear Prudence, I’m a senior at a local university, commuting from home, and my younger sister is leaving soon for a distant school.

It’s just me, my sister, and our mother in the house, and I’m worried that I’ll be smothered now that Baby Sis is going away.