Flex bindable not updating

The Bindable Object class provides a data storage mechanism that enables the application developer to synchronize data between objects in response to changes, for example, between the View and View Model in the MVVM design pattern. Forms namespace inherit from Bindable Object class, so they can all be used to bind the data behind their user interface elements to View Models that are supplied by the application developer.To bind the data behind a property in a Bindable Object, typically a view, to a property in the View Model, application developers should do the following.In our first example, we just want our skin to mirror the states of its host component.So, we begin with a simple component based on Right now our component is just a bag of states.

For more examples, see Custom dependency properties.Public Class Fish Inherits Control Public Shared Read Only Species Property As Dependency Property = _ Dependency Property.Register( "Species", _ Get Type(String), _ Get Type(Fish), _ Nothing) Public Property Species As String Get Species = CType(Get Value(Species Property), String) End Get Set(value As String) Set Value(Species Property, value) End Set End Property End Class A Visual C component extensions (C /CX) example isn't shown here because it must be factored completely differently than the Microsoft .Flex 4 also promotes the use of states to the point where they are virtually mandatory in any non-trivial app.And that brings us to the question of the day: As always, we’ll dive into some examples to explore how things work.