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The Coral Coast is an 80km (50 mile) stretch of beaches and bays along the Queen's Highway between Nadi and Suva on Viti Levu.As the name suggests, the region is named for the large fringing reef that greets you from the shoreline.The Fijian coup d'état of December 2006 occurred as a continuation of the pressure which had been building since the military unrest of the 2000 Fijian coup d'état and 2005–06 Fijian political crisis.Fiji had seen four definitive coups in the past two decades.

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Presented to the Turaga Ni Koro (traditional head of the village) it will be ground into a powder, added to water and served in the Turaga Ni Koro's house.

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The catalysts for the unrest were three bills under consideration by the Fijian parliament, one of which would question the illegality of the Fiji coup of 2000 and offer pardons to some of the rebels who participated in it.

Nine demands were handed down from Commodore Josaia Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama to Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase largely pertaining to issues concerning these bills.