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"His favourite trick was to hit objects very close to me." This was until one day when the abuse became sexual."I saw flailing limbs, my telling him to get off, and then having my arms pinned down.Edie met her boyfriend, Michael,* during her first year of university.They moved in together after three months of dating and were in a relationship for almost two years "When we first got together, we were hanging out, we went for drives, we went to the beach, we went on a road trip," she says.I needed to talk to someone about this so I went to a counselor at the student health service and in the first session she practically ordered me not to see him for three months. Must we stop this immediately, or may we let it continue and hope we grow out of it?Dear Sibling, Since you’re both in your 20s, the trend appears to be going the opposite way of outgrowing your closeness.And between girls’ clubs like The Wing, purchasing power-pink swag, and all the feminist vibes coming from social media, female-driven podcasts are giving us life right now.After all, while it’s great to see the super spirit, it’s also powerful to hear it—not only are we seeing the world through rose-colored glasses (or of the millennial-pink variety), we’re hearing it loud and clear too.

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The list of menopausal symptoms is not only long and hair-raising, the misery can last for years.

From night sweats to hot flushes, from anxiety, weepiness and onsets of rage or irritability to insomnia-induced exhaustion, forgetfulness and reduced concentration, menopause is often deeply disturbing.

And let’s not forget the aching joints, sore breasts, weight gain, or the reduced sex drive, a potentially significant stressor for relationships.

He seemed to think I owed him and that he owned me." As time went on, the relationship became violent.

"Every time it happened he would blame it on his depression, or the fact he hadn't had his prescription refilled, or that I hadn't gone and refilled his meds,” she says.