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One thing I know for sure is that when it comes to penning love scenes, women authors can get away with a deal sight more than men.Though they may just write better, which is also, of course, a distinct possibility. I reckon that if it had been me or any other guy writing the sex scenes in for a male author to write a good sex scene.If a guy does have a stab at a genuine literary sex scene, then in all probability it will be toe-curling and/or end up being shortlisted for the Bad Sex Awards.

sex scenes, of which, now that I think of it, there do happen to be rather a lot.

She wore one once and not again, I now feel silly bringing the subject up again as she's never happy talking about it.

We are both very shy people, and have been together since we were teenagers.

Do you go for the Full Monty and have page after page of sex in all its most graphic detail?

Or should it instead be just a brief lift of the veil? Will it be relatively tame, in a bedroom, in a bed, or will you go down the route with manacles and rope and mewling yelps of pain and ecstasy?