Extreme fetish dating uk

When sex is a topic that most of us feel more than a little hot and sweaty talking honestly about - and not in a good way - knowing what is normal can be as mysterious as knowing what all those weird toys in Ann Summers actually do.

But when what turns a person on takes over their life and an otherwise quirky fetish becomes debilitating, this is known as paraphilic disorder.

She found many of the men were only with her because they viewed her as a fat fetish and would deter her diets.

Finally fed up, she quit alcohol and underwent a gastric bypass in 2014, slimming to svelte 10.3st.

You can connect your account to services like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, but if you'd prefer to keep your sexuality a secret, you can also hook Whiplr up to Google Plus.

Among those trying to get to grips with sex is Debra Soh, a researcher and Ph D candidate in sexual neuroscience at York University in Toronto, Canada.

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