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Opening times are subject to performance schedule, however generally the box office is open from 10.30am to 6.30pm from Monday to Saturday.

If there is a show on that evening it is opened until 1 hour after the show has commenced.

Then install or activate the Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) feature for your version of Microsoft Office Outlook so that it can process email not created in Microsoft Office.

Microsoft does not provide any collaboration code (CDO) for Outlook 2010 and later.

Located in the city centre, on the edge of Temple Bar, opposite Dublin Castle.

Nearest available car parks are Jurys Inn Christchurch, Trinity St Car Park, Fleet St Car Park & Drury Street Underground Car Park.

Hawk-Eye is a complex computer system used officially in numerous sports such as tennis, Gaelic football, badminton, hurling, Rugby Union, association football and volleyball, to visually track the trajectory of the ball and display a record of its statistically most likely path as a moving image.

If however the issue still persists it means there is some critical issue with your system which needs to be fixed manually and is recommended to be done by an experienced Computer Technician. We will email you the monthly calendar along with special offers. Let My Ticketmaster keep track of all of them for you.The address of The Olympia Theatre is 72 Dame Street, Dublin 2.This purpose is till allow us to use Exchange services securely.So how do we enable Exchange to use these services?