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I wanted to tell you guys myself, but it seems the news was already released :/ ...I won't be returning to #onceuponatime for Season 7.The stunning 28-year-old Australian returns in February to "Lost" for the show's final season, tying together nearly six years of twists, turns and WTF moments.Next month, she'll appear in "Remember Me" as the love interest of a guy named Robert Pattinson, who we guess is kind of a big deal.

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"While I would have loved to continue exploring Belle's journey, the show has decided to move in a different creative direction," she added. ' she said'She doesn’t really need to venture anywhere else. 2010 is going to be a straight-up bonkers year for [movieperson id="310839"]Emilie de Ravin[/movieperson]."They spent a lot of time telling jokes, laughing and whispering in each other's ears,” said an eyewitness to a dinner at The Bowery Hotel's Gemma."At one point Emilie took Robert's Ray-Bans and was playfully wearing them before putting them back in his shirt pocket — it was very flirty.