Dead end dating by kimberly raye

Whatever your pleasure, hopefully you'll be able to find a few great new books to read after you've finished Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books!I received this email from Ilona, who comes from what may be the coolest family I've read about, and I totally want to listen to all of them talk books someday.

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Normally this wouldn't be a problem but it's not just for me I swap with my family as we all love romance novels and every new girl in the family is promptly introduced to Harlequin as a right of passage (or Sci Fi novels if that's their preference) but everyone reads at least some romance and all the boys know who the authors are, and they love sci fi.

Hawksong (The Kiesha’ra, #1) by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes104.

Arielle Immortal Awakening (Immortal Rapture #1) by Lilian Roberts103.

It includes all kinds of paranormal romance books - the sexy and the silly.

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