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But planning children's birthday parties turned out to be trickier than the teams thought as tacky party bags, a disastrous birthday cake and the hokey cokey went down like a lead balloon for one team.

David's team, led by Versatile project manager Gary Poulton, put on an assault course event for birthday boy Jamal while Selina Waterman-Smith decided on an Olympics themed day for her client, 13-year-old Nicole.

Teams created print advertisements for the Donald J.

The mogul presented contestants on this week's show with a task close to his own heart and name.

' On the day David's health and safety knowledge threatened the fun factor at the assault course as Karren Brady pointed out: 'They're taking it so seriously, I think they've forgotten it's a party.

Gary is a corporate man, and actually it feels like it's more like a corporate away day.'Over in Team Versatile's kitchen, miscommunication meant Gary's clients were told the birthday cake was covered in Nutella chocolate spread, a huge no-no for mum.

**Please note that SHUGA contains scenes of a sexual nature Kuku also calls himself “The Cure”—which is a perfect nom de plume for the baritone voice that carries messages of hope and healing to the world."Gold leaf was used in profusion by Monroe after the British burned the house," says William Seale, author of journal.If the Republican frontrunner is elected to office, expect to see gilt galore.At first glance it seemed like Versatile were leading the race, having built up a rapport with their easy-going clients, whose only pressing plea was that there were no nuts on the menu so the mum, who had a severe allergy, could tuck in.Versatile were able to confirm their birthday boy wanted party bags, with Joseph and Charleine put in charge of shopping, while David pitched the idea of personalised t-shirts to add some extra cash to the kitty.

David and poppy apprentice dating