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some points here are really for the ADVANCED COLLECTOR. For many years the dating system was based on 4 basic elements shapes of a whistle’s parts (see interlude ).This article is a great addition to the tools of dating whistles and none police whistles as G. These are: The Mouthpiece, The Loop, The address on Body and the one which one can not see without looking into the whistle itself that is the Diaphragm disk construction.Most advanced collectors are familiar with these and use to determine the date.We learn that the address does NOT always correspond with date made , or serves as an always an accurate tool for knowing the exact year-date made. where actually made later at 244 Barr St and stamped with the older address . address stamped whistle with a military date of 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913 for example. Hudson stamps , General View Pre and Post Victorian Period .So does this mean the guy with the biggest bulge in his pocket is the one for you? Please feel free to use info from this web site on ebay or other websites, but please give credit to, thanks!

Victorian and Post Victorian General Service whistles made by J. before 1902 and Post 1902 system for Dating whistles by Stamps.

Hudson stamp in ARCHED LINE letters (Pre 1902 ) and in STRAIGHT LINE (POST 1902 ) II b Particular additional observetions 1908 II c There seems to be a flaw in alot of the 1908 whistles.

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Here they look at the likeliness of meeting the love of your life on the Tube…

‘I often wonder how often people might unknowingly be travelling in the same Tube carriage as their soulmate. The London Underground carries a whopping 1.1 billion passengers a year, or four million a day, most of them busy avoiding any hint of interaction with anyone else.