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(Unless they think primarily of the Mets, in which case I’m not terribly interested.)I used to think of my trashy-TV viewing as a necessary but guilty habit.

…When most people think of Flushing, they tend to think of hectic traffic, overflowing street markets, noisy crowds slurping authentically mouth-numbing food.When I curl up to watch TV, I can do without substance. But this week, as I started to anticipate withdrawal, it occurred to me that the show isn't just great trashy-TV. It's some pretty great storytelling, and it holds some valuable lessons for literary folks like me.(I realize I'm running the risk of sounding archly hip, in the way that Gawker appends to every mention of the show the tagline, "the most important sociological experiment of our time." But I'm serious.) Take character development.Essentials for drum practice include a Metronome function, plus a Beat Guide that indicates timing accuracy with flashing “star” icons.Trophies are awarded as practice goals are reached, and a child's practice record is continuously tracked on their personal player page.