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“I work to live, not the other way around,” a person who works there told me. Related: 5 Annoying Habits Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Now Vacations, weekends and holidays are workdays for a business owner. I don’t have one boss -- I have hundreds, demanding services immediately.I have competitors standing by, waiting for me to screw up.They struck up a conversation and began talking over the next few months.Then in 2006, on her birthday, they went to a party at a bakery.A recent study, featured in an opinion piece by Bloomberg’s Noah Smith, found that entrepreneurs make more money (and earn a better financial return) than salaried workers after taking into consideration their lifetime earnings.“The lifetime risk-return tradeoff of starting a business looks pretty attractive after all,” he writes. That is, if people can make more money over a lifetime running a business, why don’t more do it? I’ve been running a business for more than 20 years. People think nothing of just not paying, or waiting until my bookkeeper calls them for payment.Related: 6 Signs That You're Not Cut Out for Entrepreneurship Oh, I’ll tell you why, Noah. Even though I wouldn’t want to be working for anyone and I enjoy the control it gives me and the money I make, I get why many people would prefer not to be a business owner. Some unapologetically send in money months after services were performed and our invoice was due.

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The day was basically a show of men who could not withstand the siren call of Karen Sypher and their testimony showcased her amazing talent.

They talk with Fred Johnson, now of Louisville’s Fund for the Arts, a 29-year veteran.

Fred, I can tell you, is an amazing asset to our community, passionate about what he does and how he can serve his fellow citizen and veteran alike.

He began his testimony by telling the jury that he was a lawyer in Louisville who did mostly civil litigation and family law, but was basically a general practicioner.

— He said that he met Sypher in a parking garage in 2005 as she was in his parking spot (“I pay a month for those spaces, so I stopped.”) He was taken aback by her and she seemed upset…so Kolter tried to comfort her.