Dating sites with best female to male ratio

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Overall, the data for the different dates all show a similar pattern with the sex ratio most highly skewed in the late 20’s and early 30’s, being fairly even in the 40’s and then increasing a bit in the 50’s.

Here’s the actual data and graphs for the four data sets. if you add other known factors such as womens height requirement, age limitations etc.

Since I can’t actually count every male and female site member and then calculate the male:female ratios and I don’t have access to the Plenty of Fish database, I decided to use a count of the members who are Online Now to estimate the male:female ratio.

This is pretty easy to do with POF because it shows up clearly on the search result pages and when you do the search you just choose Sort by Last Visit and the everyone who’s Online Now comes up first in the results.

These sites cover a broad spectrum of categories including general, ethnic, niche, wealthy and 100% free dating sites. If you compare Million Club Dating Sites (visited by more than 1 million people per month) the range drops to about 20%. What is the average net worth of everybody in the room? The average net worth would be .8 billion, even though 9 of the 10 people have a net worth of 0,000 or less.You might have better luck at, the sole site to boast a 50/50 male-female split. Somewhere out there is a dude that feels like the last single man he knows, and he might be looking for you.The only sites with more guys than girls are Adam4Adam (84/16) and Man (88/11). Having read in several places about skewed Male: Female sex ratios on online dating sites, i thought I’d do a little experiment and try counting them myself.I used Plenty Of Fish, which currently is the most widely used site.