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David Irving, the discredited British historian and Nazi apologist, was this week starting a three-year prison sentence in Vienna for denying the Holocaust and the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

Irving, who appeared in court confidently on Monday carrying his book Hitler's War - "my flagship, 35 years of work" - and a PG Wodehouse paperback, immediately vowed to appeal against the sentence.

Ministry of Health Brunei creates a “one-patient/one-record” e-health system Learn how this ministry optimized a national, state-provided healthcare ecosystem, improving services delivery and overall patient experience.

De Martini Chairman of the Executive Committee Robert J.

In the last few days, there have been many connections made between Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant, who is one of his mentors.

This has led many to believe that Bryant has had an influence on Irving to finally inform the Cleveland Cavaliers about wanting to be traded.

In light of that, Bryant has issued a response to all those putting part of the blame on him for the three-time All-Star’s desire to be moved.

Since retiring last year, Bryant has taken a major step back away from the game by going off to do his own post-career ventures.