Dating my bc rich guitar

Even tho BEN didn't say getting BLABBED all over GC that she SLEPT w/him! Vikki has to EXPLAIN the "FLOWER DELIVERY" to Billy! I have had MORE THAN 1 guy send ME "FLOWERS" after a date...& all HE GOT FROM ME, was the PLEASURE OF MY "CHARMING COMPANY"! Just bc a woman gets FLOWERS AFTER A DATE.....doesn't mean she SLEPT w/him! Couldn't BELIEVE CANE was STILL trying to BLAME other people for HIS MISDEEDS! It also adds Bass and Treble EQ knobs which help make the effected sound stand out.If the EQ setting is identical on the effected tone as the straight signal, much of the effect gets lost in the mix.The one also includes a Bass Filter button that applies effect to the high frequency effect only, i.e.doesn't mess with your low end so your guitar retains its fat sound. She doesn't have to tell him what happened btwn her & BEN...&.....

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