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When Lucy is around, Henry goes so weak at the knees it’s like Superman has had a dose of kryptonite.

She is super excited to be getting close and personal to Superman.

Red Kryptonite is sometimes referred to as "Red K", to differentiate it from the other colored forms of kryptonite.

Red Kryptonite's physical appearance can be in a form of a deep ruby-red jewel, normal rock or gas.

She jokes she’s Lois Lane, the superhero’s fictional lover.” Agents for Cavill did not respond to requests for a comment.

The loved-up star, filming alongside Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg in the upcoming action film.

In comic books from the late 1930s, Kryptonians all had super powers.

However, in the current Superman universe, Kryptonians had no super powers -- Superman is only super because of the Earth's weaker gravitational pull and its yellow sun.

Red Kryptonite is a mineral from the planet Krypton that removes inhibitions from Kryptonians and humans alike making them reckless, evil, and dangerous. The only confirmed source of red kryptonite to date has been the red meteor rocks found at Hob's Pond.

is firmly established as a hit, the site put a few things to him, some of which have come to light since his Superman reboot was first released.

Particularly with regards Man Of Steel 2, Moviehole quizzed Snyder as to the film and suggestions that it had been greenlit, and he said that "I'm going to be 100% honest with you, I haven't yet gotten to speak to the studio ... Snyder admitted that one of the questions they need to pick up in a sequel is "we almost destroyed the world last time, now what? With regards reaction to the first film, Snyder acknowledged fan complaints that there's no Kryptonite in the film, and that Lex Luthor doesn't appear.

Pontus Egberg, formerly of The Poodles and now the bass player for King Diamond and Treat, was the first one to enter the picture, followed shortly thereafter by Robban Back of Mustasch (and ex-Eclipse).

The choice of guitar player fell to the young and immensely gifted Mike Palace.