Dating depositions

Knoxville-based Pilot Flying J operates more than 650 travel stops in North America.

The lord justices issue a 'Commission for the Despoiled Subject' to eight clergymen, headed by Henry Jones, who are to record the losses of those dispossessed by the rebels. 1r) Commissioners: Henry Jones; Randall Adams; John Watson; William Aldrich; John Sterne; Henry Brereton; Roger Puttock; William Hitchcock. An article of this peace provided for the destruction of the depositions.

The deposition, for which Haslam will be under oath, "will continue from day to day until completed," wrote Charles Cooper, an attorney for Pilot, in a court notice filed Nov. Multiple trucking companies are suing Haslam and Pilot Flying J after the FBI and the IRS raided the company's headquarters on April 15, 2013, leading to charges of fraud over fuel rebates promised to customers.

The deposition of a witness duly taken before an examining trial or a jury of inquest and reduced to writing or recorded and then certified according to law, provided that the defendant and the defendant's attorney were present when that testimony was taken and that the defendant had the privilege afforded of cross-examining the witness, or taken at any prior trial of the defendant for the same offense, may be used by either the state or the defendant in the trial of the defendant's criminal case under the following circumstances: When oath is made by the party using the deposition that the witness resides outside the state; or that since the witness's testimony was taken, the witness has died, or has removed beyond the limits of the state, or has been prevented from attending the court through the act or agency of the other party, or by the act or agency of any person whose object was to deprive the state or the defendant of the benefit of the testimony; or that by reason of age or bodily infirmity, that witness cannot attend; or that the witness is a Medicaid or Medicare recipient or a caregiver or guardian of the recipient, and the recipient's Medicaid or Medicare account was charged for a product or service that was not provided or rendered to the recipient.

Henry Jones’s brother, Colonel Michael Jones, with civil commissioners and a parliamentary army, arrives in Dublin to assume control of the government.

Henry Jones becomes his secretary and the Commission ceases to act on 30 September.

On the filing of the affidavit and application, and after notice to the opposing party, the court shall hear the application and determine if good reason exists for taking the deposition.

When a party desires to take the deposition of a witness, the party shall file with the clerk of the court in which the case is pending an affidavit stating the facts necessary to constitute a good reason for taking the witness's deposition and an application to take the deposition.