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Not only was Parse helpful in handling signup peaks, it was also exceptionally simple for the team to implement.According to Derrick Staten, the League's founding engineer: Parse is highly reliable, available, and predictable.If the other person also accepts you as a potential match, then you are able to start chatting.

For example, if a table has a primary key and some attributes, adding a date to the primary key to track historical changes can lead to creation of more rows than intended.

To offer the best in privacy and in truly suitable matches, The League needed a robust mobile backend solution to power its heavy traffic.

Having made a splash in Forbes, The Tonight Show, and more, The League was faced with a huge influx of interest, and Parse was key to fielding that interest smoothly.

It is possible to have timelines other than Valid Time and Transaction Time, such as Decision Time, in the database.

In that case the database is called a multitemporal database as opposed to a bitemporal database.