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We're big fans of DIY advent calendars, but opening up those little windows to reveal seasonal pictures or little pieces of chocolate can be a bit of a letdown. Seriously, think about the genius of a wine advent calendar for a second. That's why we couldn't contain our excitement when we learned of Vine Box's new wine-by-the-glass advent calendar.

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And we're not taking about Trader Joe's wine either. The set comes with four boxes, each with three delicious red or white wine selections.

〔►see SVG: Viewport, Default Coordinate〕 Here's some examples.

Here, we shift the coordinate, so the drawing area's top left corner is . attribute can be used to control the exact scaling and position of view Box in viewport.

Hi, I am drawing some sprites but they have some -ve values as well, that is why they are not fitting poperly. I am able to do it in Ext JS by setting view Box for surface. As drawcomponent.Items()BBox(); is returning infinite and also set View Box() does not works in touch charts.

attribute does not exist, than the coordinate is the same as viewport.