Dating and marriage in togo

Within the last eighteen months I have attended nine welcoming parties.

These are parties by friends and acquaintances who went to Africa, marry and successfully petitioned for their wives to come to the United States.

The minimum age of marriage is 18 for girls and 20 for boys but both can marry under 18 or 20 with parental consent.

The Togolese ministries of Education, Gender and Health have taken the lead in developing a National Programme Against Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy.

They have demonstrated their abilities and capabilities in all matters marital. On the part of the greenhorns, it is mostly about the need to escape the prevailing abject poverty and hopelessness that has engulfed most African countries.This becomes evident when phone calls always turn into fights, pettiness, trivialities and accusations.Welcome to the largest and fastest growing online community for single Christians.In the US at least, one could petition for his future wife by way of the Fiancé Visa provision or through outright marriage which could take upward of twenty months. But why do African men go though this tortuous and circuitous immigration process? Though the preceding assertion is not empirically grounded, one can not but notice that “greenhorn marriages” dissolve quicker — mostly within five years with or without offspring.Why do African men go home to marry instead of marrying the women they’ve wined and dined and romanced right here in the US. More often than not most of these marriages are not based on love or affection.