Dating a featherweight sewing machine Dating contract chat site

Another check you can make to determine which model you have is to check the model number of the motor (see the plate mounted on the motor).

Each of the four models of the featherweights were originally furnished with a different motor. All that means is that it shouldn't interfere with radio or T. signals and there should be a three prong plug to insert into the wall outlet.

To date your machine look on the bottom to find the serial number.

Quilt tops are pieced together from small scraps of fabric using quarter-inch seam allowances.The machines would have come off the production line sometime between that date and the date of the next production series assignment.How your Singer 221 sewing machine looks cosmetically is far more important to its resale value than anything else. The phrase "It looks good given its age" doesn't cut it when it comes to Singer Featherweight 221 sewing machines.We are the largest and best Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine sales website on the internet!We sell the majority of those Featherweights on consignment for the owners, and if your Featherweight is in excellent condition we can help you too.

Dating a featherweight sewing machine