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Unfortunately, there are literally thousands of different artisans and manufacturers that have made chess piece sets over the years.

I hope that the following suggestions might be useful for people who have not bought collectables from e Bay before. I am an antique collector, I hope to share the old Chinese and oriental cultures with the people in all over the world. This is a Rare bone carven Chess set and Vintage rosewood box. They are sold for 5 in natural resin colour and more than 0 if hand painted.These monobloc sets were always more expensive to produce and I think feel better in the hand; there are exceptions to every rule, see set 12 below.Many of the 19Sets were made from a variety of materials.In this article therefore Im attempting to give a brief outline of the chronological order and possible dates of introduction of the main types of English chess sets used in that period.This is based on my own experience and not of any exhaustive research on my part, but hopefully it might lead to others, with knowledge in this area, giving their input which might help in developing a more definitive position sometime into the future.