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For all the times we've been together good times and through bad, for all the times you've forgiven me whenever I've made you mad.For all the times we've held each other through sunshine and the rain, for all the times we've comforted one another to ease away the pain.

My mother met him at a dinner a couple of years later and came back raving about him.No matter how much girls may protest, they’ve all fallen for at least one guy just for his looks.[Read: 10 types of love you’ll experience in your life] If a girl says they like a good-looking guy because he’s got “personality”, “a good heart” or God forbid, “intellect”, then you know what she’s really after. The first time I met him, he wouldn’t even look at me, which I thought was strange, considering that I was what they call an early bloomer.I haven’t had what you would call the most successful relationships, and never did experience a gist of cute love stories until this incident in my life.Most of the guys I’ve fallen for have been unavailable, taken by a friend or taken by a friend and having an affair!