Cory monteith dating

After the divorce he saw little of his father due to Joe Monteith's military service, and he had social difficulties at school.From age 13, he used alcohol and marijuana and started being truant from school.On top of that, she had a hard time separating work from our outside friendship, whereas it was a lot easier for me.

; May 11, 1982 – July 13, 2013) was a Canadian actor and musician, known for his role as Finn Hudson on the Fox television series Glee.

Monteith had a troubled adolescence involving substance abuse from age 13; he left school at age 16.

After an intervention by family and friends he entered drug rehabilitation at age 19.

In life, there’s no one way to meet a potential significant other.

Like, you could literally meet the love of your life at a grocery store.