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With real-time dashboards, embedded controls, and enhanced reports, the Consolidation Integrity Manager monitors every topside journal entry and ensures that late adjustments are never missed.It also provides a full audit trail on all certification events.For example, an organization may have one instance of SAP running in the U. The second type of consolidation is to merge two different systems with similar functionality into a single system. The consolidation effort in this case would move all the users to a single application--most likely SAP or Oracle.For example, an organization may be running Oracle's E-Business Suite in the U. The second type of consolidation is generally more difficult than the first because it requires a much greater amount of planning, requirements mapping, business process reengineering, and user training.When it comes to importing data, not only is there a user-configurable MS Excel converter available, but the Luca Net.Importer module also provides a large number of ready-made interfaces to all commonly used ERP and financial accounting systems. Financial Consolidation modules, we connect the possibility of consolidating actual and planning figures in one and the same data model, in a uniform interface.

Black Line provides the ability to group accounts together and drill down into those accounts for detail directly within the software.Consolidation Integrity Manager mirrors the mapping your consolidation system already uses.This process assures accuracy and efficiently provides account roll-ups.Budget Maestro financial consolidation software allows you to: Budget Maestro reports take the financial pulse of your business at any point in time.The system provides an extensive library of ready-to-use reports, as well as customizable reports to meet your specific requirements: A reliable cash flow forecast is at the core of your corporate financial process and is essential for corporate survival.