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The agency should be organized, send payments and statements on time and offer strong consumer education and support. The payment is usually around 2.5 percent of the total debt, though in hardship situations, there is some wiggle room. Why consolidate bills if you can't pay for basic expenses or if there are better alternatives?

You can stop the plan at any time, and you can also pay more -- and get out of debt faster -- when you have extra funds. You wouldn't, which is the reason consolidation begins with a counseling appointment where your entire financial situation is assessed.

Another mistake, she says, is consolidating credit card debt from multiple cards into another card.

People are often attracted to deals claiming “no interest” the first year.

It is true, you can usually lower the interest you are paying on your debts significantly by taking on a consolidation loan; but, that reasoning isn't sufficient to justify the loan. Because the interest rate you are paying on your debt is not likely what's causing the debt problem.

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Even if they are members of such organizations, though, be picky. So while the agencies and employees vary, the plans are all structured the same way: Your counselor determines how much it will take to pay your creditors in full in three to five years.

Consolidation is not right for everyone, make a decision that's right for you. Your payments will remain the same until all the creditors are paid off. You must keep up with your monthly statements and forward them to the consolidation agency. You can't use your credit card until you're done with the debt management plan. A debt management plan is not bankruptcy, but it will appear negatively on your credit report. Here's what you need to know about consolidating accounts through a debt management plan with an agency. Instead, they have preset arrangements with most financial institutions, many of which lower interest rates and fees, so more of your payment goes toward the balance rather than finance charges. With something as precious as your finances, be exceedingly careful about who you work with.

Their debt management plans can help you get back on track -- but they can also be unnecessary and even detrimental when done through a poorly run organization or for the wrong reasons. These agencies do not make loans, nor do they settle debts.

If you wrap it into a home equity loan, you are offering your home as collateral.

If you don’t pay off the home equity loan a lien will be imposed against your home.