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C based news station CBS for its show CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite in the early 70s.

After some time in there, she moved to the Los Angeles owned and operated news station of CBS, KNXT,(now known as KCBS), where she served as an anchor for the CBS Newsbriefs.

Over a year later, she is thriving in an environment of love and care." Vardalos, who admits she is now a "giddy idiot" on Mother's Day asks, "Please, on Mother’s Day, have some compassion.

If you see someone without kids, do not ask them why they don’t have children, why they don’t just adopt, or if they are pregnant. Be quiet and pass the dip."Kate Adie (journalist) Edward Albee (playwright) Maya Angelou (poet and author) John J.

I know she must have had a lot of love for me to want to give what she felt was a better chance.” “And I feel as a parent, my job is to educate them and give them the ability to make good decisions and learn about the world. “My wish is that children be treated as people, and not as property; that their rights as human beings on the planet, to food, shelter, education, and health, be taken seriously.” “They’re as much my blood as I am theirs. One came from Ethiopia, one from Vietnam, one from Cambodia, and one was born in Namibia.

Chung converted to Judaism upon her marriage to Povich.

Chung announced that she was reducing her workload in 1991 in the hopes of getting pregnant.

A very talented, experienced and reputed news presenter, reporter and journalist, Connie Chung, has been active in the broadcast journalism since 1972 till date.

She has worked for the different news channels and has been serving as an anchor and reporter for the news channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and MSNBC.