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When the script is active in a room and a timeout is set this is what an RO, Mod or CM will see: If you have Tamper Monkey(Chrome) or Grease Monkey(FF) installed you can easy install the script from the SOCVR Userscripts Git Hub repository.

To get started, the only items you'll need are your aspect LED strip lights, a power supply, and some wire nuts or crimp connectors.

It seems to work really well it is just a pain that we cannot see the count down timer.

// ==User Script== // @name Show Timeout in Chat for mods and RO's // @namespace // @version 0.1 // @description show a timeout message for RO's and mods // @author rene // @match *://* // @match *://* // @match *://* // @grant none // ==/User Script== (function() )(); endpoint every 10 seconds to see if there is a timeout specified.

You can make this connection using wire nuts, crimp connectors, or any other approved wire connector.

Once you've connected your low voltage wiring, simply connect your power supply to 120vac.

Most aspect LED power supplies come with a standard 3-prong plug, so you can plug it directly into an outlet.

Choose from a range of sizes (different sizes can hold a different number of images) and select the pictures that make you smile to create a piece of art you can enjoy all year round.With strip surgery a strip of skin containing hair-follicles is cut from the back of the head.The strip size can vary but is typically 1-1.5 cm wide, 8-10 mm deep, and up to 30 cm long going from ear to ear.The 1-5/8', 3-1/4', or 16-3/8' LED light strip is available with a white finish and can be easily cut into 3-LED segments and installed with its peel-and-stick adhesive backing.Attached LC4 locking connectors let you easily power and join multiple strips.