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The conversation starts out with Kunis asking Saldana how oral sex tastes: "Is it like chicken? On this planet or any other, Saldana is definitely out of the world.

Priyanka Chopra has had a number of steamy scenes in Quantico 2, but now a video from the same show is being circulated on social media as "Priyanka Chopra hot MMS".

However, some are sharing the same clip in an out of context manner, giving it a dirty picture.

In another news, Priyanka will reportedly have some intense action scenes in Quantico 3, and the actress will do all the stunts herself.

Even though he said in 2008 that he could only support civil unions for same-sex couples, President Barack Obama nonetheless enjoyed strong support among the gay community.

He disappointed many with his conspicuously subdued first-term response to the same-sex marriage debate.

The You Tube video has been trimmed in such a way that it does not really look like a scene from Quantico 2, which may make many feel that it is really a leaked MMS of the actress.

However, there are some other videos on You Tube that show that it is just a scene from the series.

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There are loads and loads of Publicsex vids to see here with all sorts of different categories where you simply can't go wrong!Since then it has been shared thousands times on social media. Brooklyn Mayo said: "Can't even cope with the video of that couple ... The actress recently said that being uninhibited and comfortable in your own skin was the most important way to improve your sex life.Daisy Ducati takes the cake with her story, which involves a shoot she did for a site that did a lot of public sex scenes in front of a live audience.The term "dick on a stick" comes up, but we won't spoil it.