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He is noted for his ability to change his own verbal pace (flow) and style multiple times within one song without losing the beat, and has been praised for his skill in alliteration and assonance.

He is infamous for the controversy surrounding many of his lyrics.

Contents of this story are merely creative license, not unlike a TV show or movie that uses real people in fictional settings and situations.

However, if you do have video or pictures of events similar to the ones described below, feel free to forward them to me for closer examination. ” I asked, tapping on the keys of the piano in front of me. ” Dove Cameron asked, tapping a few more keys as I made a couple marks on the sheet music app on my tablet.

Not to be read by anyone under 18, unless you’re a hot chick. Barrow, AK (not really, but you can still drop by and see who lives there if you want) The following is completely fictional.

Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental.

Once again, time on the clock was ticking away and Maisie Williams was taking an eternity to get herself ready.

Before her major success, Perry did fairly well, as one of her songs was included in the soundtrack of the movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, and she provided backing vocals for such artists as Mick Jagger and P. With the success of the songs, Katy Perry ventured on her first world tour called Hello Katy Tour, and also participated in the Warped Tour, as well as Summer Tour 2009 with rock band No Doubt.Katy Perry was at the peak of her career at the time, and therefore her net worth was increasing as well.A year later, in 2010, Katy Perry came out with her third studio album called “Teenage Dream” that peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts and sold over 2.7 million copies in the United States alone, which in turn earned it a two times platinum certificate from RIAA.All Tom could do was feed into her ego, to nourish it and pretend it wasn’t a strange, new world to him – at first, anyway.Eventually her attitude and ego grew to be very endearing to him, and her confidence and willingness to show off – especially in bed – pleased him to no end.