Christian connection speed dating

Twenty years on from the launch of the first online dating site,, perceptions (and usage) of Internet dating have changed significantly.

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This is Tinder ‐ a matchmaking app which abbreviates internet dating into one question: hot or not?

As she dismisses each image with a swipe of her finger, a fat red ‘Nope’ stamp is branded across their faces as they disappear. Mark, 37, is a lot dishier than the others, and according to the screen, shares two common interests with her (uk and films ‐ not exactly niche matches).

This time, her finger swipes the opposite way ‐ Mark still disappears to be replaced by yet another potential beau, but this time the stamp is different: ‘Liked’.

I had stipulated on my profile that I’m looking only for men over the age of 28.

I’m not sure what I’m more perturbed by – that OKCupid set me up with a woman, or the fact that she was into video gaming.