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He was 33, was a nonsmoker, and said explicitly that he wanted kids. We finally wrapped up our discussion, but without enough time to head home first, I went straight to Longshots and decided to wait at the bar for him.He was also a journalist covering the city hall beat for one of the local newspapers. I ordered a club soda with a twist of lime, which looked like my usual first-date drink but contained none of the potentially dangerous alcohol.So I downloaded the source code (here) and a json corpus of Magic cards (here).I decided to feed a deep neural network all of the Magic cards ever made in the hopes that it might be able to conjure up some new ones. HERO EXPORT [NAME] One's character is stored in the file "piranha bytes\gothic\saves\name.zen\" HERO IMPORT [NAME] A stored character is loaded and replaces the own character. friendly, hostile, neutrally, angry) SET TEMPATTITUDE [ATTITUDE] Temporary attitude of the character in focus changes. set time 8 on o'clock or set time 12 34 on o'clock. TOOGLE DESKTOP All texts, bars and menu becomes invisible. ITSE_XARDASNOTFALLBEUTEL_MIS Very Strange Leather Satchel Keys ITKE_BANDIT Chest Key ITKE_BROMOR The brothel owners ITKE_BUERGER Chest Key ITKE_CHESTMASTERDEMENTOR_MIS Black Magicians Chest Key ITKE_CHEST_SEKOB_XARDASBOOK_MIS Xardas key ITKE_CITY_TOWER_01 Tower Key ITKE_CITY_TOWER_02 Tower Key ITKE_CITY_TOWER_03 Tower Key ITKE_CITY_TOWER_04 Tower Key ITKE_CITY_TOWER_05 Tower Key ITKE_CITY_TOWER_06 Tower Key ITKE_DEXTER Key ITKE_ERZBARONFLUR For the first door. ITKE_EVT_CRYPT_01 Old Brass Key ITKE_EVT_CRYPT_02 Old Brass Key ITKE_EVT_CRYPT_03 Old Brass Key ITKE_EVT_UNDEAD_01 Key of Archol ITKE_EVT_UNDEAD_02 Key of the Key Master ITKE_FINGERS Key ITKE_HOTEL Room Key ITKE_IGARAZCHEST_MIS Chest Key ITKE_INNOS_MIS Key ITKE_KDFPLAYER Key ITKE_KEY_01 Key ITKE_KEY_02 Key ITKE_KEY_03 Key ITKE_KLOSTERBIBLIOTHEK Key ITKE_KLOSTERSCHATZ Key ITKE_KLOSTERSTORE Key ITKE_LASTDOORTOUNDEADDRGDI_MIS Black Magicians Room Key ITKE_LOCKPICK Lockpick ITKE_MAGICCHEST Old Key ITKE_MONASTARYSECRETLIBRARY_MIS Key ITKE_OC_MAINGATE_MIS Main Gate Guards Tower Key ITKE_OC_STORE Store Key ITKE_ORKKNASTDI_MIS Key of the Orcish Colonel ITKE_ORLAN_HOTELZIMMER Room key ITKE_PALADINTRUHE Chest Key ITKE_PASS_MIS A small key ITKE_PRISONKEY_MIS Dungeon Key ITKE_RICHTER Chest Key ITKE_RUNE_MIS A small key to a chest. ITLSTORCH Torch ITLSTORCHBURNED Torch ITLSTORCHBURNING Torch ITLSTORCHFIRESPIT Torch ITMI_AQUAMARINE Aquamarine ITMI_BALTRAMPAKET Baltrams Shipment ITMI_BLOODCUP_MIS A Blood Chalice ITMI_BROOM Broom ITMI_BRUSH Brush ITMI_COAL Coal ITMI_CORAGONSSILBER Coragons Silver ITMI_DARKPEARL Black Pearl ITMI_EDDASSTATUE Statue of Innos ITMI_FLASK Lab Water Bottle ITMI_GOLDCANDLEHOLDER Gold Candlestick ITMI_GOLDCHALICE Gold Chalice ITMI_GOLDCHEST Casket ITMI_GOLDCUP Gold Plate ITMI_GOLDNECKLACE Gold Necklace ITMI_GOLDPLATE Gold Plate ITMI_GOLDPLATE_MIS Gold Plate ITMI_GOLDRING Gold Ring ITMI_HAMMER Hammer ITMI_HERBPAKET Parcel of weed ITMI_HOLYWATER Holy Water ITMI_INNOSSTATUE Statue of Innos ITMI_JEWELERYCHEST Jewel Casket ITMI_JOINT A stalk of swampweed ITMI_KARRASBLESSEDSTONE_MIS Stone from Blessed Soil ITMI_LUTE Lute ITMI_MARIASGOLDPLATE Heavy Gold Plate ITMI_MOLERATLUBRIC_MIS Molerat Fat ITMI_NUGGET Lump of Ore ITMI_PACKET Packet ITMI_PAN Pan ITMI_PANFULL Pan ITMI_PITCH Pitch ITMI_PLIERS Mandible ITMI_POWEREYE Eye of Power ITMI_QUARTZ Glacier Quartz ITMI_RAKE Rake ITMI_ROCKCRYSTAL Rock Crystal ITMI_RUNEBLANK Rune ITMI_SAW Saw ITMI_SCOOP Spoon ITMI_SEXTANT Sextant ITMI_SILVERCANDLEHOLDER Silver Candlestick ITMI_SILVERCHALICE Silver Dish ITMI_SILVERCUP Silver Chalice ITMI_SILVERNECKLACE Silver Necklace ITMI_SILVERPLATE Silver Plate ITMI_SILVERRING Silver Ring ITMI_STOMPER Weed Masher ITMI_STONEOFKNOWLEGDE_MIS Stone of Knowledge ITMI_SULFUR Sulfur ITMI_THEKLASPAKET Theklas Parcel ITMI_ULTHARSHOLYWATER_MIS Ulthars Holy Water ITMISWORDBLADE Blade ITMISWORDBLADEHOT Red Hot Blade ITMISWORDRAW Raw Steel ITMISWORDRAWHOT Red Hot Steel ITSE_ERZFISCH Ball-shaped Fish ITSE_GOLDFISCH Heavy Fish ITSE_LOCKPICKFISCH Light Fish ITSE_RINGFISCH Small Fish Plants ITPL_BEET Turnip ITPL_BLUEPLANT Blue Elder ITPL_DEX_HERB_01 Goblin Berries ITPL_FORESTBERRY Woodland Berry ITPL_HEALTH_HERB_01 Healing Plant ITPL_HEALTH_HERB_02 Healing Herb ITPL_HEALTH_HERB_03 Healing Root ITPL_MANA_HERB_01 Fire Nettle ITPL_MANA_HERB_02 Fireweed ITPL_MANA_HERB_03 Fire Root ITPL_MUSHROOM_01 Dark Mushroom ITPL_MUSHROOM_02 Digger Meat ITPL_PERM_HERB Kings Sorrel ITPL_PLANEBERRY Meadow Berry ITPL_SAGITTA_HERB_MIS Sun Aloe ITPL_SPEED_HERB_01 Snapperweed ITPL_STRENGTH_HERB_01 Dragonroot ITPL_SWAMPHERB Swampweed ITPL_TEMP_HERB Meadow Knotweed ITPL_WEED Weeds Potions ITPO_DRAGONEGGDRINKNEORAS_MIS Potion of Dragon Egg Secretion ITPO_HEALHILDA_MIS Healing of the Black Fever ITPO_HEALOBSESSION_MIS Healing of Possession ITPO_HEALRANDOLPH_MIS Healing of Addiction ITPO_HEALTH_01 Essence of Healing ITPO_HEALTH_02 Extract of Healing ITPO_HEALTH_03 Elixir of Healing ITPO_MANA_01 Mana Essence ITPO_MANA_02 Mana Extract ITPO_MANA_03 Mana Elixir ITPO_MEGADRINK Embarla Firgasto ITPO_PERM_DEX Elixir of Dexterity ITPO_PERM_HEALTH Elixir of Life ITPO_PERM_LITTLEMANA Essence of Spirit ITPO_PERM_MANA Elixir of Spirit ITPO_PERM_STR Elixir of Strength ITPO_POTIONOFDEATH_01_MIS The Tears of Innos ITPO_POTIONOFDEATH_02_MIS The Tears of Innos ITPO_SPEED Speed Potion Tobacco Insert Codes: Name: ITMI_APFELTABAK Apple tobacco ITMI_DOPPELTABAK Double Apple ITMI_HONIGTABAK Honey Tobacco ITMI_PILZTABAK Mushroom tobacco ITMI_SUMPFTABAK Herb tobacco Trophies ITAT_BUGMANDIBLES Field Raider Mandibles ITAT_CLAW Claws ITAT_CLAWLEADER Leader of the Packs Claws ITAT_CRAWLERMANDIBLES Minecrawler Mandibles ITAT_CRAWLERPLATE Minecrawler Plates ITAT_DEMONHEART Heart of a Demon ITAT_DRAGONBLOOD Dragon Blood ITAT_DRAGONEGG_MIS Dragon Egg ITAT_DRAGONSCALE Dragon Scales ITAT_DRGSNAPPERHORN Horn of a Dragon Snapper ITAT_FIREDRAGONHEART Heart of a Fire Dragon ITAT_FIREGOLEMHEART Goblins Bone ITAT_GOBLINBONE Heart of an Ice Dragon ITAT_ICEDRAGONHEART Heart of an Ice Dragon ITAT_ICEGOLEMHEART Heart of an Ice Golem ITAT_LURKERCLAW Lurker Claw ITAT_LURKERSKIN A lurkers skin ITAT_MEATBUGFLESH Bug Meat ITAT_ROCKDRAGONHEART Heart of a Rock Dragon ITAT_SHADOWFUR Hide of a Shadowbeast ITAT_SHADOWHORN Hide of a Shadowbeast ITAT_SHARKSKIN Skin of a Swampshark ITAT_SHARKTEETH Teeth of a Swampshark ITAT_SHEEPFUR Sheep Skin ITAT_SKELETONBONE Skeletons Bone ITAT_STING Stinger ITAT_STONEGOLEMHEART Heart of a Stone Golem ITAT_SWAMPDRAGONHEART Heart of a Swamp Dragon ITAT_TALBINSLURKERSKIN Lurker Skin ITAT_TEETH Teeth ITAT_TROLLBLACKFUR Hide of a Black Troll ITAT_TROLLFUR Troll Hide ITAT_TROLLTOOTH Troll Tusk ITAT_UNDEADDRAGONSOULSTONE Undead Dragons Soul Stone ITAT_WARANFIRETONGUE Tongue of Fire ITAT_WARGFUR Warg Skin ITAT_WING Wings ITAT_WOLFFUR Wolf Skin Writings FAKESCROLL Letter HOSH1 Setzt das Immortal Flag HOSH2 Klaut das Immortal flag HOSH3 Novizenchade SUCCESS HOSH4 Tagebuch ITWR_ASTRONOMY_MIS The Divine Power of the Stars ITWR_BABOSDOCS_MIS Bundle of Papers ITWR_BABOSLETTER_MIS A letter to Babo. ITWR_BANDITLETTER_MIS Message ITWR_BLOODY_MIS Bloodflies Venom ITWR_CANTHARS_KOMPROBRIEF_MIS Canthars Letter to the merchant Sarah. 9000 8300 40000 (x:-West/ East, y: Height, z:-South/ North) GOTO WAYPOINT [WAYPOINT] Teleports on to the coordinates x y z, e.g. SET PERMATTITUDE [ATTITUDE] Changes permanent attitude of the character in focus (e.g. GOTO CAMERA One goes to the camera position GOTO POS [X Y Z] One goes to pos. SET MODELFATNESS [WERT] Make the character thiner or thicker. G Information points to your character such as animation names. EDIT SPECIES Menu opens, where one can change species dependent constant (like Alt E) FIRSTPERSON Switches into roofridge person view. 1.5 for 150% or 4 for 400% SET FBBOX Framework shows around the object in the focus.

I was sitting at my desk at work when sent me a similar reminder message, this time highlighting Mench Tastic, and his profile immediately grabbed my attention. I sat through a client meeting discussing the usability of a website, and all I could think about was his photo gallery. I looked at my watch more often than I should have, waiting for the meeting to end.

While I have no proof, it does seem like this is something that could have affected the original release date.

In any case, the good news is that we seem to have an updated release date.

I Remember some Pro at MC Told me that you can put all of your inventory into a Chest by pressing...

Well, i cant remember, but it involved the Space bar : S I Tried it out on Vanilla 1.3 and i was suprised to realise that it Worked, buuuut i forgot how to do it...