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) In an earlier day, writer John Mortimer delightfully appropriated the term, She Who Must Be Obeyed, to describe this sort of relationship in .

But just because you agreed your wife would set the terms of both her behavior and yours doesn't mean you are not now entitled to rethink things.

I've never had an insatiable sex drive or anything, but I've always thought a dominant partner may be able to summon that side of me (if it does indeed exist). The flirting eventually turned into a drink at his place, where I explained to him ...

Hi, This is me typing out one of the hottest experiences of my life tonight.

I'm writing this at 12 AM with my (cheating) girlfriend sleeping next to me because I can't get to sleep, and wanted to share my story.

I hope none of you mind a long story, because this is bound to be a long one.

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Well, now she's pregnant, and I'm wondering the obvious. She was away on business near the time she would have conceived. I could have asked that before, but now I'm afraid of how it would come across.She is a cuckold cams queen and nothing will stop her to cuck you in a way or another and trust me you better be good and keep silent if you are willing to keep on looking at her while she get the right doise of big cock she really desrve!You can become her online cuckold and make your trophy wife happy.Should I ask, or just wait to see if the baby looks like me?A: Thank you for informing me of the phrase "female-led relationship." From reading the definition, I see that it doesn't necessarily mean that the wife take lovers while the husband is home making soup. (Hear that, Darling, it's not me being intolerably bossy, it's a lifestyle!