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When you play online poker in the USA there will be a number of secure deposit options available to you, but in terms of protecting your finances there are few better than prepaid cards poker sites that accept Visa, Master Card or American Express prepaid credit cards.

To show you exactly why prepaid gift cards poker sites are better than credit card platforms, take a look at the following benefits: No Bank Account Needed: A prepaid credit card isn't linked to your bank account which means you don't need to have a good credit rating in order to own one.

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Kaligo is also offering a large carrot to persuade you to give them a try – see here.

You will earn 3,000 bonus Avios points on your first booking.

Once you've loaded your card you can then visit one of our approved prepaid credit card poker sites and make a deposit.

These deposits will usually be charge free and will complete instantly because the site doesn't need to verify whether or not you can afford the deposit (because it can only take funds that are available).