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Customized cards are available to members with an open Visa® debit or Rewards credit card.

A customized card works like a regular Visa debit or credit card and is accepted wherever Visa debit or credit cards are accepted.

Examples of photographs which will be excluded, but are not limited to, include: By creating a customized card, you give Tru Mark Financial permission to use the photograph on the card. To agree to the terms above and create a customized card, click the button below.

You also assure that Tru Mark Financial is risk-free of any loss, damages, liability, or costs should any be incurred directly or indirectly by the use of the photograph.

Imagine getting an allowance when you were a young kid.

Maybe you’d get a dollar or two every week — you’d hide it away to save up for something big, or you’d feverishly rush to the store and spend it all at once and quickly fall into sugar shock from your candy purchases. This time not from your parents, but from your partner.

However, not all overuse of credit cards is considered compulsive debt addiction.Addiction to debt is considered a behavioral addiction, and peer support groups have shown promise in controlling this and similar addictions.Debtors Anonymous suggests that participants stop incurring any new debt even before they take the time to find Debtors Anonymous meetings in their area.A Tru Mark Financial customized debit or Rewards credit card is subject to the following terms and conditions.These terms and conditions are in addition to those found in the Cardholder Agreement.