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Recently I was in a room with 20 language learners and asked them “How many of you have used Skype to practise your target language? So many language learners start practising with a native sooner rather than later… Hopefully this post will light a fire under your arse!

Today I'm sharing in one post my specific strategies for using Skype to practice speaking a new language, and how to make the most out of every Skype conversation.

There is also a notebook section where you can get your homework corrected (excellent idea) or ask questions.

The Questions and Answers section is another place to ask questions. When I did a search for Thai speakers, it came back with 500.

Meanwhile, Thanakitt Kayangarnnavy, a freelance photographer, who used MSN Messenger until yesterday, said the end of the service would not effect his life as he had also been using Skype and his list of friends on MSN Messenger would move to Skype as well.

“But since I am not familiar with Skype so much, I will have to adjust myself to using it,” Thanakitt said.

When you're filtering through the various tutors and teachers, pick a native speaker who lives in the country you're focused on.

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Conversation Exchange They offer three types of exchanges: face to face conversation, correspondence (pen-pal), text and voice chat.

Armed with google, I went in search of more language exchange sites for this post. Others have more to them: forums, teachers, classes, video, online chat, resources, etc.

I discovered that there are many sites available, with a stretch of attributes. Not all language exchanges offer Thai, so I did a quick look to see who did (shown below).

In my interview with Fiona from Baby Steps to Fluency (no longer online), Fiona explained how she uses language exchange partners to fast forward her studies.

When I asked Fiona where she came by her partners, she mentioned How To Learn Any Language and Unilang.