Brian mcknight dating history

Since 2014, he has been dating Leilani Malia, AKA Leilani Mendoza, who is Filipina and Hawaiian.Leilani is smart and beautiful and she helps to save lives as a pediatric neurology specialist.Source: WENNDid you ever notice that your ex-boyfriends have a funny way of receiving clarity once the relationship is over and you’re completely over them? It happens to the best of us— even Grammy Award-winning singer Beyonce Knowles.A man by the name of Lyndell Locke, who claims to be the high school sweetheart of Mrs.I’ll be honest — it was me that messed everything up and lost her for ever to Jay Z, but I deserved it. Well, I am that man and it’s something that’ll always haunt me.”“From the first time I saw Beyonce I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Additionally, affair phone apps like Vaulty Stocks and HAA are common.

In addition to being a singer, songwriter and producer, Mc Knight is also a talented and charismatic personality who has hosted quickly hit the Top 20 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Songs chart and continues to surge up the Adult R&B (Urban AC) radio charts all over the country.

Brandy has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide (including the five-times-platinum-selling) and is ranked one of the best-selling female artists in American music history by the RIAA, having sold over 11 million albums in the United States.

When he saw her he asked for a permission to dance with her and they danced together singing Jungle Fever.

Two years later they began their love affairs and they began dating as a boyfriend and girlfriend.