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'They started performing CPR, pulled out the AED (automated external defibrillator) and used that twice.

And the paramedics got there super quick and jolted me one more time.'That timely response is the only reason Harper is alive today he said, and he stressed with viewers the importance of making sure any facility they use to workout have a staff knowledgeable in CPR and AED equipment.

Hopefully after the honeymoon phase is over, these two continue to stay blessed with happiness.

Jodie Foster’s two sons are much older by now, and we certainly wish the family the best.

Alison Sweeney first introduced the three teenage ambassadors who will compete in the game as the face of childhood obesity: Biingo, Lindsay and Sunny.

These contestants will lose weight alongside all the contestants and support their team color throughout the entire season.

Bob suffered the heart attack back in February when he collapsed in a New York gym.

Afterwards, the trainers Bob, Dolvett and returnee Jillian face the crowd and re-introduce themselves to the new outreach of the show.

Alison then called up the fifteen official contestants one by one.

The contestants have been split into 3 teams, the white team trained by Jillian, the blue team by Bob, and the Red team by Dolvett.

In addition, three younger contestants (ages 13–16) are participating, but not subject to elimination.