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Even if they were asked via drunken text from a Turkish pay-as-you-go phone. Rufus: The money your mother left us for emergencies.

Jenny: So, fair, everyone’s topless on Valentino’s yacht.

Eric: But what happens when we get back to the city? Jenny: Well thank heaven for salaried servants and an account at the beach club, right.

And I snuck onto his laptop and might have disabled his Serena van der Woodsen Google Alert. Not to boast but we haven’t used a penny of it all summer.

Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Title is from the Tom Robbins book of the same asleep in frog pajamas"Humphrey! Dan feels frustrated and cranky and the universe may hate him but it wouldn't dump Blair Waldorf on his lap right now. Now, she's smiles and giddiness – with an edge, Dan thinks."Blair, this isn't really the best time," he mutters, waving his hands in what he hopes will serve as subtle signal.

But it doesn't matter what Dan wants; before he even has time to react, Blair plops herself down in front of him.

Jenny: Dad, Scott’s been spending a lot of time here lately.

Celeste: You’re going to rule the school with an iron fist.

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Jenny: As soon as we get in that car that means no more beaches and no more bonfires and no more stalking the Barefoot Contessa through 1770 House.

Rufus: Well I’m glad I have the number for City Harvest.

She stops so abruptly his shoulder bumps into the back of hers, and then she's off again, tugging him to the edge of a crowded courtyard."Fantastic, this will work," she says, smug satisfaction leaking into her voice.

Dan gets the distinct impression that this is a joke where he's not in on the punch line, and two steps behind Blair Waldorf is never a good place to be. "Blair sighs, as if speaking to an extremely slow child, and maybe Dan should feel insulted, but really, this is how Blair speaks with everyone. One kiss," she wheedles, holding one finger inches away from her lips to prove the point. ""You couldn't find isn't afraid of him, then no one will be. No offense.""None taken." Although, again, it's Blair Waldorf, he thinks, and half of the words that come out of her mouth are pointed attacks designed to bruise.